Ok, so perhaps am getting older. Birthdays have always been a special time for me, as I am slightly sentimental about pausing a little and taking things in, perhaps one might call it taking stock. For the first time in many years, I can honestly say that I am Content!

I used to think that contentment was some vague, almost illusions ideal that had the down side of sucking the fighter out of you and leaving you happy to stroll along life without hunger, drive and a yearning for more. Lately, with another year closing it’s chapter in my life, I feel like contentment was always a close companion that I have ignored for so long. The voice of contentment often seemed like a whisper beckoning me to depart from the path of worry, striving for perfection, performance comparison, but rather find life by the still waters and greener pastures.

I would like to think that with growing older, I am becoming wise in knowledge that I am not all that strong, that life can be irritatingly imperfect, and demands on my time and my heart come calling everyday. But there is a place hidden from all eyes, a place where year after year I have escaped to find joy, rest, peace and a bucket load of acceptance. Yes, my secret place with my Heavenly Father. He prepares a table before me everyday, He is the living water that will never run dry. And it here that I find everything that I truly need and desire. I find Him. And I am content, everything is just as it should be.

A Simple Faith

I love the simplicity of the gospel. A perfect and Holy God, gives His perfect love as a gift to an imperfect, un-deserving sinner like me. And then for all my days having the joy and privilege of knowing Him, loving Him, worshiping Him.

I have complicated so many things in my life, but I love how God with His word and His Spirit, makes HUGE things, great truths, even hidden mysteries He brings them to life. I just need to surrender my well thought-out sophistications, and simply take what has already been paid for, with a simple child-like faith in Him.

I know that life can be merciless,  imperfect and blurred with many disappointments. It takes very little effort to be skeptical, critical and guarded, and so often left unchecked, I default into a position with God as well, not trusting Him, or wanting to add to what He has already paid in full. This week, I am trusting God for a simple child-like faith in everyday life. To trust in the author and perfect or of my faith. Delighting in and beholding Him, His perfect love and His perfect ways and being content to receive from His hand.