The War is Won

I was expecting to step into a fierce war and yet there He was, on a beautiful lush field simply waiting for me. He is seated with a lean to His side, a quiet afternoon for the two of us. I was there alone with Him. In the rest of His embrace.  

He gave me this place of rest. He paid the price for me to live here. He is without a care in the world. No worries, no fears and no trepidation. He begins to paint a vivid picture in my mind. His brush strokes are gentle but bold and joyful. Nothing harsh, nothing agitated, a strength and confidence in every move He makes. And though my enemies contemplate a strike, the shield of love is all around. In this sacred, secret place, He covers and holds me. He covers the story He is lovingly writing. The narration of a life at rest. True love and true friendship, lastly victory, promises fulfilled. 

Here I am Lord at your feet, the feet that walked this earth for me. The feet that steps into the impossible. The feet that brings good news of peace. 

Here I am Lord. Here I am at your feet. A simple, quiet and spacious place carved out just for us. Read that new story over me, open my eyes to those new pictures, let this world I have in you, spread with radiance and grace.

 Prince of peace and Lord of lords, I will abide in You forever more.

“ Rest my dear….Rest! We will paint new pictures and tell new stories. We will create a world without fear. Look Up! The war is over.”

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