Day 8 of Media Detox: Rest and Popsicles

Rest that inspires creativity! That’s what unfolded after our rest time this afternoon.

The kids decided to take out popsicles and play. We have had these popsicles for almost a year now but this is the first time they have been willingly chosen for play.

A house made of popsicles

The popsicle kid without a Tablet.

Popsicles used as an art canvas.

I love Sundays. I love a good rest. And After today, I am adding popsicles to my list of things I love because, they are simple unassuming little sticks with abundant possibilities.

Day 7 of Media Detox: Tuning In

It’s 12:18am, and I am writing a quick note before bed. Ed and I have been chatting all night, detracting from our usual Saturday night ritual of tuning into a movie together. I love tuning into each other and chatting over ridiculously funny things and deeply meaningful stuff as well. I could seriously chat with Ed for hours and of course over a good glass of wine, time just seems to fly by.

The kids were treated to the story of the French Revolution, World War 1 and 2 earlier on and  it was so cool to see how they hung on their father’s every word as he drew vivid pictures in the minds highlighting moments of courage and lessons from the past.

I am truly thankful to the Lord for His goodness and His grace over our lives and for moments like tonight where we can unplug from so much noise and tune in to each other.

It’s fun to sit side by side next to someone and share an experience together but nothing will beat looking into hearts and eyes and letting the sound of each other’s words fall like precious stones upon your heart.

Day 6 of Media Detox:”What else can I do for you, Mommy?”

I don’t know whether this had anything to do with the boredom due to this Media Detox or rather, the fact that Elijah had his favourite pancakes breakfast today? But I was surprised when he kept asking me for something to do to help me around the house.

Happy Helper

” What else can I do for you, mommy?” was sweet music to my ears and a refreshing request. So he helped me with folding the clothes, packing kitchen towels and hand vacuuming the coffee powder off the kitchen floor.

Sweet Boy

I have noticed that I am a lot more on top of some of my household maintenance habits during this week. But it could be that with hubby being away this week I have been bored myself.

Or it could be that when Mommies get bored, they also have space to fill up and they sometimes… clean. And sometimes maybe cleaning looks inviting enough for the five year old without his tablet. And maybe this rubs off on EVERYONE until the day I wake up to sparkling house with kids who say ” Look Mommy! Look what we did for you while you were resting! We cleaned the whole house! ”

Haha…a mom’s dream!


Day 5 of Media Detox: Consistency, the Boring Ally of Success

Is It only Day 5?

Yes it is. And we are plodding along nicely. Today I was reminded of a poster I had on the wall of my dorm room at University, with the caption “The choices we make and not the chances we take determine our destiny”.


I am getting deep, I know! But anyone who knows me well will know that if anyone can turn a simple family Media Detox into deep reflections it’s me. Yep!

So today, I thought about the fact that it’s only day 5 of this Detox thing and I was trying to remember why we wanted to this and wishing we had picked fewer days for this Detox.

But I was reminded of the importance of making a decision and being consistent in that rather than leaving things to chance or to your feelings.

I thought of that poster and the simple truth, which is that, following any decision which often seems exciting, the aftermath is consistently walking out that decision, beyond the thrill of doing something new and into the realm of the boring.

It’s to the extent that we are consistent and remain in the boat, one boring yet consistent row at a time, it is to this extent  that we come a step closer to the end results we desire.

Day 5 done! Bring on the boring day 6!


Day 4 of Media Detox: The need to know

It’s become a habit for me to automatically reach for my phone to google stuff. Just stuff. This is beginning to sound a little like the confessions of a media addict.

These random impulsive “need to know” searches are so easy to do. Simply grab my phone and away I go, I can quickly “escape” for a bit and search for answers to VERY IMPORTANT information like: “what are the most common birds found in the D.C. area?” or searches like ” kindergarten reading levels” or “research on essential oils”, or “scriptures on trusting God” or ” how to exercise from home” and my favorite YOU-Tube natural hair searches. The list goes on.

I had to stop myself in the tracks so many times today. And it’s taken this Detox for me to see it as it is: A lack of clear boundaries and discipline in the use of my time and my access to information. Perhaps the a bit of FMO! Ouch! Adding to this is the fact that in continually interrupting the flow of my day and cluttering my mind, I am missing so much opportunity in my day to simply think about stuff. Not search, think, process, reflect.

I am off to bed now but before I drift off to sleep, I will end my day with reflection and NOT with the latest pins from Pinterest.