THE DAY BEFORE THE START of this challenge, my husband and I got the children together and with much enthusiasm announce the CATCHING RAINDROPS OF GRATITUDE challenge that we will be embarking on throughout the month of May! We discussed why gratitude is an important and intentional foundation to build. Everyone was on board and we spent time making our gratitude journals.

Kids Customized Simple Composition Books. This can also be decorated using magazine-cut pictures that kids personalize.

The idea is that everyday though out the month of May:

Each person will record in their journals in the morning and at night, and we will also engage in some family time activities to build a culture of gratitude in our home. The family-time activities will have a weekly theme. Read further to see this week’s theme.

Morning Entries of Gratitude

These entries will be free writing or drawing of anything that we are grateful. Its will remain an open-ended question: “What am I grateful for this morning?” It will set the tone for the rest of our day.

” I am grateful for for the sunlit home that I live in and the people I love that make it a warm and safe home….”

Bed-Time Entries of Gratitude

These entries will take the form of writing prompts or activity prompts, that will hopefully require a little bit more reflection and thought, and encourage building some skills.

“How did you feel about today? Draw a simple picture in your journal to show”

Elijah’s Night Time Entry

Family-Time Theme For the Week

The theme for our first week is : ” New Life” . I am incorporating the fact that we are in spring now to drive this home. For this week we will be doing nature and outdoor activities and hopefully enjoying them while tuning into the beauty all around us. We will be enjoying each other and the beautiful spring time should point us to many natural reflections and discussions over the dinner table about what we are grateful for.

Our Day 1 activity was to visit our neighborhood creek and we took pictures while there, thanking God for the beauty we are surrounded by.

This is the start of what I am calling our “catching raindrops gratitude challenge”. I look forward to sharing more of this journey of intentional gratitude with you. Why not join?

” I would maintain that thanks are the highest form of thought; and that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder”. G.K Chesterton


Media Detox Day 9 and 10: Orientation

I am reading a book by Dr. Neufeld called “Hold on to your kids”, in which he encourages parents to show up and be present in the lives of their children. Dr Neufeld highlights how attachment with our kids and staying close provides the context and foundation for parenting.

I agree with this entirely, however for me healthy parenting begins from a deeper place.  It’s the unseen realm of intimacy with God, a closeness to Him that sets one securely on an immovable foundation and orientation. I am able to live out and express the love of God and unshakable truth about who I am and who we are as a family, from this relationship.

I am one of those people who can rarely keep life in control. I have tried and failed dismally. It does not work. Adding kids to the mix of an imperfect people,us parents, who have no control over the future as well, requires some serious orientation and grounding. Thus building on Christ as our firm foundation is my daily prayer and pursuit.

We all have things in our lives that we sometimes attach to. It may be our work, what people think of us, even the fear of failure. These attachments and our relationship to them can easily steal life from our key relationships. And they can try to shape who we are. The things that preoccupy our hearts and compete for our affections may not be bad in themselves but taking stock every now and then is an awesome way to recalibrate and set them in their right place.

This Media Detox is helping me see ways in which our relationship to Media and all that screen stuff can be be put in their proper place. It’s also helping us give attention to our true orientation, first to God as parents and then flowing out to our family.