Trust is a beautiful place!


Trust is a beautiful place
Trust is a beautiful space meant to become home

I have felt it’s touch in the mornings
and the strength of its embrace at night
when the doubts have raged their troubled waters
and memories provoke it’s innocence

Trust stands firm, pure, and unshaken
not faintly deterred by my wandering eyes
nor driven away by my unbelief.
But as a patient and loving mother
Trust’s open arms remain
Ever present, ever waiting,
ever trusting that the day will finally come
when I will finally return home

Trust is my new home and it is a beautiful and spacious place.

Simple by Clarinda


© Clarinda Sishi



The Dance

I dance with a Loving Father
Who’s embrace is strong and true
He sweeps me daily in His arms and I’m lost in eternal grace
He is my Heavenly Father
He Loves me, He likes me
He is proud of who am becoming

I dance with a Holy Saviour
He rescued my empty soul
From shame, guilt and deceit, He carried me far away
I sit upon His shoulders and we dream about the nations
The Horizon is ablaze with His glory
He alone is truly worthy

Oh that I will stay in His embrace
I am transformed as in His eyes I gaze

Precious Holy Spirit
Each day You take my hand, You invite me to dance
You are tender, You are kind, You are so patient with me
Oh that You would lead this dance
For this is a dance of love
This is a dance of surrender
This is a dance of life with You
You give all things in Your fullness
I will say yes to you